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We asked PTI to open those constituencies where we had reservations: Aamir Khan

Eight seats have been snatched from MQM in Karachi: MQM-P leader

Who’s responsible for Amal’s death? Is there lack of training in police?

Waseem Badami reads a heart-wrenching writing by Amal’s mother

11th Hour | Waseem Badami | ARYNews | 11 October 2018 with Kashif Abbasi

About Waseem Badami:

Waseem Badami is ARY News TV anchorperson who started his Journalistic career with ARY News in 2006 and left the channel where he was hosting current affairs and political talk show 11th Hour in October 2014 and subsequently joined BOL Network. In April 2015, he resigned from BOL Network and rejoined ARY News. He also hosts Shaan-e-Ramazan on ARY Digital. In 2018, he was awarded “Favorite Current Affairs Anchor – Male” award by Agahi Award.

Badami partnered up with Hemani Herbals and launched a skincare brand named “WB” after his initials. The product was launched in Dubai followed by Karachi.

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