ARY News Talk Show Sawal Yeh Hai 26th August 2016 with Maria Memon

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ARY News Talk Show Sawal Yeh Hai 26th August 2016 with Maria Memon

Guests: Salman Mujahid Baloch MQM, Imran Ismail PTI, Mishal Malik (Kashmiris), Amir Zia (Journalist)

99 percent of MQM supporters, leaders are patriots

PTI’s Imran Ismail refuses to blame anyone over attack

No anti-Pakistan rant acceptable for MQM: Salman Baloch

Kashmiris should be allowed to defend their rights: Mishaal Malik

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Sawal Yeh Hai  26th August 2016

About Maria Memon

Maria Memon Date of Birth

Maria Memon is a talented Pakistani journalist, news anchor, talk show host, newscaster and opinion maker, currently working for ARY News TV as a Senior Anchor/ Content Manager. A software engineer turned journalist Maria Memon is currently working as an anchor for ARY News TV. She started her journalism career as a junior reporter from the Karachi Bureau and was promoted as the main stream news anchor in a very brief span of time. Subsequently, Memon was offered a position as a field reporter for Geo. Reluctant at first because of her inexperience in field reporting, Memon trusted her mentors, whom she gives the most credit for her quick ascent to success, and went ahead with the new job at hand. Her hard work and enthusiasm paid off; she received an offer to host her own show and, eventually, made it as a regular news anchor for Geo. Maria Memon is, indeed, the face of the contemporary media approachable, relevant and at one with the people. She left Geo TV in 2015 to join Bol network. But after a long Suspension of BOL Network license she joined ARY News TV as an anchor and she is hosting talk show SAWAL YEH HAI and News @ 3. She has lent her voice to an animated feature film Tick Tock.

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