Kashif Abbasi’s Off The Record 12th October 2016 ARY News Talk Show

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Watch Full ARY News TV Talk Show Off The Record 12th October 2016 with Kashif Abbasi


Guests: Ali Ahmad Kurd, Lt Gen (R) Amjad Shoaib, Javed Hashmi(Senior Political), Asad Umar PTI

Crippled democracy better than dictatorship: Kurd

Javed Hashmi says only accountability can bring Pakistan forward

‘A true democracy should bring positive change in common man’s life’

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Off The Record 12th October 2016

About Kashif Abbassi:

Kashif Abasi is a Pakistani journalist from Islamabad. He hosts political talk show “Off the Record” on ARY News. Kashif Abbassi known for his bold questioning. The TV Show not only about the process in the current affairs but also a hard hitting political talk show With three regular guests, all with moral stance perspectives who guess unexpected questions of Kashif Abbassi in his characteristic element. he became very popular among many young and senior journalists due to his moral stance, political philosophy and ideology, which resulted high ratings of his TV talk show and proved his moral worth. He graduated from the Barani Institute of Information Technology Rawalpindi. Kashif Abbassi has conducted interviews of numerous politicians and notable government officials. He married to Pakistani Anchor Person Meher Bukhari in November 2011 who is also an anchor on Dunya News TV.

TV Talk Show Kashif Abbassi

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