Live With Dr Shahid Masood 26th October 2016 ARY News TV Talk Show

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Dr. Shahid Masood comments on govt’s objection to cricket team’s pushups

Tahir-ul-Qadri will return to Pakistan if govt clashes with protesters: Dr. Shahid Masood

Whose front-man is Javed Sadiq? reveals Dr. Shahid Masood

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Live with Dr Shahid Masood

About: Dr Shahid Masood Khan
Political Analyst and host of the famous ARY News talk Show Live with Dr Shahid Masood. Pemra imposed a 45-days ban on programme ‘Live with Dr Shahid Masood’. According to Pemra, in programme aired on 22 June 2016, he had leveled allegations of bribery against Chief Justice of Sindh High court. Statement posted on Arynews website by their lawyer said that Pemra’s decision was apparently taken in haste and “may have some mala fide intent” After witnessing the 9/11 attacks in the United States, Dr Shahid Masood joined the ARY Digital Network and moved to ARY News. He began hosting his own political show, Views on News which has distinction of being Asia’s longest-running current affairs Television show.

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